Paradise forks is a canyon about an hour north of Flagstaff Arizona. A highlining and climbing paradise with towering pine trees and sheer basalt faces that boast iconic trad climbs, it was the chosen venue for the 2017 Northern Arizona Highlinine Gathering. 


With around 60 people in attendance and 12 highlines, it was an intimate gathering with workshops on knots, rigging, mindfulness, and more. Despite being the smallest organized highline gathering that I have attended, the planning done by the organizers was some of the best that I have seen. Rescue bags, rig checks, LNT principles followed, primitive toilets built, attention to every aspect of safety for everyone involved.

The one thing that never fails to inspire me is the limitless warmth and compassion that one feels within the eclectic assemblage of dirtbags that is the highlining community. It has been a constant in every gathering I have attended, and this one was more exceptional than most. Highliners are creative, talented, driven people who are drawn together by a bond of passion for this unique sport, and each time I go to a gathering I am touched by the generosity of everyone there. NAZHG was even more exceptional than most in this regard, and I left with lots of new connections and friends.